The Journey Begins

This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to the beginning of my journey into figuring out the exciting and punishing world of content writing and publishing. This site will catalog my journey from day 1 and be a record of progress. The ongoing steps taken to achieve that next level of success will displayed here as a guide to help others follow the same path and achieve their personal and career goals.

There will be continuous steps taken to make sure that every aspect of the process is clear and concise so that others may gain an edge into the processes it takes to obtain success.  Thus far, the tasks are pretty basic. I have made it a point to begin researching as much about the industry as possible. Paying careful attention to the details will be a crucial first step.

The first thing I would like to suggest is to figure out what your skills are and how to best apply the knowledge you already possess. Going into something without knowing what your capabilities are will almost certainly hinder your chances of being successful. One of the best things about this line of work is the ability to start off without a great deal of money or even no money at all. If you can read this post you already have internet access and a computer. Whether it belongs to you or not the access is there and that is a critical piece to being a success.

I will call this the initial post and go back to researching and making some progress. I will be back shortly to further enlighten you on the process. As with learning anything new there will likely homework. So I want you to sit down with a notepad and write a list of skills that you possess that will serve you well as a writer. Nearly every site I have encountered asks you to list your skills in order to assist employers to find matching candidates to hire.

Having those skills already written down somewhere will save you a great deal of time and guesswork when the time comes.


Busy, Busy, Busy, Tech Issues


Hello there happy peoples. My apologies for being pretty desolate with posting lately. I love the technology that helps writers such as us make our livings without having to leave the home office.

I have finally gotten my technology back in working order. Work has been fairly steady but that might be changing here shortly. Holiday seasons often bring a reduction in new products. Unless you have product description and review writing positions that frequent your portfolio, you will likely notice a drastic dip in your available projects around this time of year.

Wondering what to do about that? I’m glad you asked. The solution is a fairly simple one. Get your organizational skills in action and make them work to your advantage. During slower times I always align new work projects and push out the dates of completion if needed. Using this approach will allow you to close a few more accounts than usual. It has for me anyway, and I’m sure it will for you as well.

I have a delay script written in my proposals that specifically mentions the delayed completion due to a holiday or possible road-block for productivity. Many editors will appreciate the fact that you are making a plan to get through a slow period and help the do the same.

Showing a potential client that you have their slow down season in mind and have a solution to help it be less of an issue will likely result in greater future lead resources.

Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for a fast approaching turkey day.

Thanks for reading as always, hope to hear from you sometime. Toodles.

Just Keep Swimming!!!(*wink*)

Hello there boys and girls. A few projects have kept me kind of busy the past few days, my apologies. I feel like people don’t get the feedback and encouragement they deserve these days. It seems as if we live in a “What have you done for me lately?”, type of world most days.

I wanted to take the time to remind you that the lifestyle of being a paid writer is not for the faint of heart. You will be forced into new levels of concentration, focus, and even desire in order to be a success in this field.

You may feel that life will get much better once you get clients in the stable that can keep you busy. In the financial sense, it truly will do just that. However, with more clients, the workload and time commitments will also grow. The skills you have practiced with up to this point will need to be re-enforced and built upon.

The pressures of seemingly never-ending deadlines, constantly changing demands from clients, and increasing chaos from nearly every angle. I will remind you of the famous movie quote in the headline, (which I find myself thinking as I struggle through my days at my desk lol).

There will be many occasions, when you feel like the gains aren’t worth the time that’s invested to keep all the stress and adaptations under control. Use any and all methods at your disposal to help make your writing more systematic and manageable.

If you have any concerns in this area use the contact option to send me any direct questions you may have as to how to make this more achievable. If you keep swimming I’m confident that you will be able to reach the goals you’ve set for your business.

Leave your comments and feedback if you have any. Looking forward to hearing from you. I keep making changes to the site layout and functionality in an effort to make this a more user-friendly layout and design. Let me know what changes you would like to see in that area as well. Toodles for now.sunnyside5

Managing Expectations

Today’s topic happens to be one that you will need to get a grip on fairly quickly as you get started in the writing industry. Researching new writing leads; looking for dedicated clients, negotiating rate of pay, formulating a schedule and adhering to it, are just a few of the many problems that deter up and coming writers as they begin their careers.

If you don’t have strong organizational skills you will likely suffer even more. Managing your expectations will be critical in determining what success will look like for you starting out.

If you are looking to get rich over-night, I will just wish you the best of luck and await your resignation post of Facebook lol. While there are many wealthy writers in the world, most of them honed their craft for years prior hitting it big. Then again there are numerous authors out there that wrote a best-selling novel or movie script on their first attempt. The ratio of first submission millionaires and struggling authors is a wide-ranging set of numbers.

In my example, I had an extremely rough childhood and managed to write my autobiography while attending college full-time. I submitted it to a publisher and was accepted for publishing on the first submission. Unfortunately for me, I was extremely broke back in those days and couldn’t afford to spare any money for promoting it. I wasn’t on social media back then and barely even knew what Facebook was.

Needless to say, by the time I was in a position to be able to promote my book it had been released back to me for pursuing other publishing options as is typical for a book submission that doesn’t attain a minimal sales threshold.

This is my personal story of failed expectations. I had hoped that my book would sell an incredible amount of copies and be able to help many people overcome personal adversity in their live’s. I was eventually able to rise above that sense of dejection and failure.

I’m still writing and making money as you can see. Failure only truly exists when you accept it and surrender to it. As long as you strive to be your best you are still a success in my notion.

I hope you’ve found a source of inspiration in these few words of wisdom. Keep your head up and continue progressing toward whatever your definition of success happens to be.

Thanks for reading as always. Let me know what current goals are and what success means to you. Write your “REALISTIC” goals down and put them somewhere that you look at regularly. Having those goals written down on paper has always helped me keep tabs on what I was doing day-to-day to achieve them and can most likely help you as well.

Enjoy your day. Talk y’all later on.


Job Leads Getting Stale???

sunnyside2Hey there happy people. I hope your having a good weekend and making forward progress with your writing business. If you aren’t doing so well in the area, your job leads have probably gone stale.

What the hell does that mean? I’m glad you asked. It means that you have been pitching new clients and aren’t getting the results you had hoped for. Everyone goes through dry spells, myself included. What have you done to correct the problem is the next question you should be asking yourself.

There are a few options at your disposal to correct the situation.

  • Go back to your sent items in your email account. If you have your duck’s in a row, you have some sort of system in place to follow-up with your pitched client’s. If you haven’t done this, I suggest you do that immediately. Having an automatic way of following up with potential clients that don’t reply back, or reply back and then fizzle out can make a difference. This is not a paid advertisement but I have this embedded into all of my Gmail account’s and it has done wonders for me to keep communication with clients open and progressing. Try this email tracking and follow-up software called Streak.
  • Search for more clients to pitch .This can be done via your preferred job board or your contacts that you have worked for in the past. Chances are good that previous clients will be willing to provide you with more work if they have it available and if you have done good work for them in the past.
  • Reach out to other writers on social media sources and see if they will shed some light on where they find their job leads at. Some will provide this information and some won’t. If you aren’t comfortable asking for this information, open up a new time and search for job boards for freelancers, writers, bloggers, etc.

If you’re experiencing issues finding regular work, you will need to make changes in your approach to correct the outcome of your marketing and pitching efforts. If you do nothing, you’ll change nothing.

Good luck figuring out what changes you need to make and getting them implemented. If you have questions or comments feel free to leave those below and I will get you pointed in the right direction.

I’m late for a date with the coffee pot so I’ll catch up with you guys and gals a little later on.








Playing With Your Pitch

sunnysideGreetings boys and girls. If you haven’t already began pitching your services to new clients, what are you waiting for? In order to achieve your dreams of being a paid writer, you will need to get busy with this process to help secure an income.

The art of pitching your skill and idea’s to potential clients is an integral part of the process. You can accomplish this in several ways. One of the easiest methods is to find a job board that allows you to pick and choose what jobs you want to submit your work to.

I use these types of job boards when I find a void in my schedule that I want to fill with an assignment. There are no shortage of leads out there that are completely free to use. Just submit a search on freelance job boards, freelance writer jobs, etc. You will find the hard part isn’t finding a job board to look through. The hard part is deciding to actually pitch the client into accepting you as a contributing writer. Once the submission request has been made you will either get a reply to it or you won’t.

If the response you get back isn’t the outcome you were expecting, or you are rejected, don’t give up hope. Having been rejected just means that it wasn’t a good fit for your niche preference or that the pitch wasn’t what the client was looking for. Regardless of the outcome, you can always play with you pitch to find out what they client is looking for. I can’t tell you how many clients I have pitched directly, but it’s a fairly large number. Having done this part-time for nearly ten years now, I have narrowed my pitch down to a very short and simple application.

Typically this is made via email. I subscribe to a service that trolls tons of job posting boards across the Internet and houses those jobs in a central location on their website. I am working toward adding an affiliate page to use as a separate resource of income and you can do the same thing. As you build your online presence, you should always be looking for ways to increase your exposure and bring in additional funds. Actively pursuing paid work is my primary method of sustaining the lifestyle I like to enjoy, but affiliate marketing is a passive and profitable method to gain even more revenue even while you’re sleeping or away from your computer.

I will get into those processes in a later post as that is a different topic. Just keep playing with your pitch if you aren’t getting the jobs you are applying for. If you make enough changes and define your niche area more clearly it will make a huge difference. I haven’t limited myself down to one niche as I have a widely varying range of professional experience that is hard to narrow down.

My tactic is to have several pitches saved on my laptop that I rely on. Which one I use is dependent on the type of client I’m pursuing. I highly recommend that you employ this tactic as well. If you want to put all of your expertise into one area, go for it. There are a plethora of writers out there in the industry that do that very thing. I find it more suitable to write for a wide variety of clients. When one niche category slows down in producing steady jobs, I have other options available that I can fall back on.

There are many strategies and opinions out there that may work for you. That is a decision that you will have to make and refine as you progress. I hope you found this topic useful. Please leave any comments or questions that you might have.

Enjoy your day.

What Does Your Ideal Client Consist Of ???

solitudeHello ladies and gents. I’ve been a little busy with new clients the past few days and have to ask this question of you. What does your ideal client consist of?

This question will depend on a few different characteristics. If you are new to the industry, you are likely just looking for some paid work to get some cash rolling into your bank account. There’s nothing wrong with that. It takes money to make money and live life day-to-day.

As you move along in your career progression you will find that there will be times when leads dry up and you find yourself seeking new clients to fill the gaps. Here are a few tips to limit this from occurring.

Look for new clients that have an ongoing need for your content. You’re already experiencing one right now. Blogs that have a track record for posting several times a week, if not everyday, are a good source of work. Not only are they demonstrating the desire to regularly post content, as they grow in popularity and traffic, they are naturally going to make efforts to ensure they have a surplus of content ready to go into the thread.

Most large blogs use proven freelancers to keep a steady flow of material. They either purchase material in bulk to read and publish themselves, or in some cases, have writers on the payroll to post directly to the blog so they can handle other needs of their business.

It’s important to find a trusted source to find your job leads so that you are experiencing a steady flow and able to find additional tasks for when clients hit a lull in their need for content. It’s not a matter of if this will happen, it’s a matter of when. Make sure you are always seeking out new clients that you can keep in your Rolodex. They may not have work available when you inquire about it, but they will often prove to be invaluable when times are slow. The more trusted sources you have, the better your chances of filling that void when work proves to be scarce.

If you have direct questions you need answered hit the “contact” button up top there and shoot me an email so I can answer those questions that you may have.

Until the next installment, please click the “like” thumb and feel free to share with your fellow writers so that we can help them achieve the growth and development they are in pursuit of as well.

See y’all again soon.

Incredible Media Insensitivity!!!

I will just post a short general thread tonight instead of the typical longer ones. I was perched on the couch last night goofing around with some website editing for a client and then the political themed channel I was watching went into the breaking news from Las Vegas.

As hard as the news was to digest as it was unfolding, it got even harder as I flipped between the other channels to see if any new information was available, I began to get sick to my stomach with the insensitivity of these reporters. These sorry ass excuses for human beings never cease to provide further evidence of how little they actually care about the human suffering in times of crisis. They continually ask questions that are obviously asked in the hope of drawing out emotions in victim.

Having previously held a job as a mortuary transport driver, I had to go in to hospital rooms and private dwellings to retrieve the bodies of those that have passed away. In nearly all cases, they body had to be released to the funeral home representative, which was my position as a contractor for the company I was associated with.

Seeing the family members of the recently deceased, in obvious and expected agony of the loss, and having to ask them to fill out the legal chain of custody and personal information of their loved one, was incredibly rough on me. Being in an emotional state and then being asked “How are you feeling, what are your thought’s?” , is one of the hardest positions one can be placed in.

I realize how hard spur of the moment interviews are, and having been through so much sensitivity training, I wonder how these reporters can ask the shit they ask to people who are in obvious emotional pain and often in a state of shock. These punk ass reporters need to pay a little more attention to how they talk to victims of mass violence and deadly situations. These people are concert goer’s, not emergency service professionals that have much more experience dealing with stressful situations like that.


If I was in charge of these morons, we would have had an extremely “one-way” conversation about asking questions like that to civilians in these situations. I found it absolutely disgusting and repulsive. These media personnel should be absolutely ashamed of themselves for preying on the emotional pain of their interviewees’.

I apologize if this is choppy and difficult to read. I’m still pretty perturbed about how they handled these interviews. It was a very reactive environment and I understand that. I just feel they are oblivious to how the person is really feeling having seen what they had just seen.

Absolutely Disgusted!!!