What Does Your Ideal Client Consist Of ???

solitudeHello ladies and gents. I’ve been a little busy with new clients the past few days and have to ask this question of you. What does your ideal client consist of?

This question will depend on a few different characteristics. If you are new to the industry, you are likely just looking for some paid work to get some cash rolling into your bank account. There’s nothing wrong with that. It takes money to make money and live life day-to-day.

As you move along in your career progression you will find that there will be times when leads dry up and you find yourself seeking new clients to fill the gaps. Here are a few tips to limit this from occurring.

Look for new clients that have an ongoing need for your content. You’re already experiencing one right now. Blogs that have a track record for posting several times a week, if not everyday, are a good source of work. Not only are they demonstrating the desire to regularly post content, as they grow in popularity and traffic, they are naturally going to make efforts to ensure they have a surplus of content ready to go into the thread.

Most large blogs use proven freelancers to keep a steady flow of material. They either purchase material in bulk to read and publish themselves, or in some cases, have writers on the payroll to post directly to the blog so they can handle other needs of their business.

It’s important to find a trusted source to find your job leads so that you are experiencing a steady flow and able to find additional tasks for when clients hit a lull in their need for content. It’s not a matter of if this will happen, it’s a matter of when. Make sure you are always seeking out new clients that you can keep in your Rolodex. They may not have work available when you inquire about it, but they will often prove to be invaluable when times are slow. The more trusted sources you have, the better your chances of filling that void when work proves to be scarce.

If you have direct questions you need answered hit the “contact” button up top there and shoot me an email so I can answer those questions that you may have.

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See y’all again soon.


Author: Gary Warren

Hello there folks. I am new to the writer education industry and just getting my feet wet. This blog represents my day to day knowledge gained throughout the process. I come from a military background in aviation maintenance and law enforcement. As with any career change I am finding it to be a bit challenging. I will keep the updates coming as I figure out the path to success which I am confident will come with time and patience.

6 thoughts on “What Does Your Ideal Client Consist Of ???”

  1. I must say, Gary, you’re opening up an area I’ve never explored. After 30 years in the Insurance Sales business and with 60 + years of writing under my belt your post made my ears twitch a bit. Are you saying a writer with some skills and organizational experience might turn a buck in the “content writing” business?


    1. “Ear twitches” are good indicators of a potential idea in the making lol. And yes, organizational skills can give anyone a leg up over everyone else who doesn’t apply those skills and attributes in their business. I rely heavily on my organizational skills gained from my military years and they have served me very well over the years.


  2. Ok – so answering your question directly. An ideal client is one who sees your work on a blog or somewhere, reaches out to you, respects you enough to not offer peanuts, gets into a long term steady state contract and pays you on time. Any such mythical creatures around?


    1. They are out there. I have had 2 customers contact me directly from blogs and offer paid posting opportunities. Neither were immediate paying positions though as I have to submit a few entries so they could gauge a reaction to my posts. Like many blogs these days, the blogs I guest posted with are no longer around. It’s a sad state of affairs. Most blogs fade away into oblivion after 3+ months if they don’t do very well right from the start. The average blogger will only keep going if they are generating revenue. There are exceptions, but the dedicated ones aren’t the norm.

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