Playing With Your Pitch

sunnysideGreetings boys and girls. If you haven’t already began pitching your services to new clients, what are you waiting for? In order to achieve your dreams of being a paid writer, you will need to get busy with this process to help secure an income.

The art of pitching your skill and idea’s to potential clients is an integral part of the process. You can accomplish this in several ways. One of the easiest methods is to find a job board that allows you to pick and choose what jobs you want to submit your work to.

I use these types of job boards when I find a void in my schedule that I want to fill with an assignment. There are no shortage of leads out there that are completely free to use. Just submit a search on freelance job boards, freelance writer jobs, etc. You will find the hard part isn’t finding a job board to look through. The hard part is deciding to actually pitch the client into accepting you as a contributing writer. Once the submission request has been made you will either get a reply to it or you won’t.

If the response you get back isn’t the outcome you were expecting, or you are rejected, don’t give up hope. Having been rejected just means that it wasn’t a good fit for your niche preference or that the pitch wasn’t what the client was looking for. Regardless of the outcome, you can always play with you pitch to find out what they client is looking for. I can’t tell you how many clients I have pitched directly, but it’s a fairly large number. Having done this part-time for nearly ten years now, I have narrowed my pitch down to a very short and simple application.

Typically this is made via email. I subscribe to a service that trolls tons of job posting boards across the Internet and houses those jobs in a central location on their website. I am working toward adding an affiliate page to use as a separate resource of income and you can do the same thing. As you build your online presence, you should always be looking for ways to increase your exposure and bring in additional funds. Actively pursuing paid work is my primary method of sustaining the lifestyle I like to enjoy, but affiliate marketing is a passive and profitable method to gain even more revenue even while you’re sleeping or away from your computer.

I will get into those processes in a later post as that is a different topic. Just keep playing with your pitch if you aren’t getting the jobs you are applying for. If you make enough changes and define your niche area more clearly it will make a huge difference. I haven’t limited myself down to one niche as I have a widely varying range of professional experience that is hard to narrow down.

My tactic is to have several pitches saved on my laptop that I rely on. Which one I use is dependent on the type of client I’m pursuing. I highly recommend that you employ this tactic as well. If you want to put all of your expertise into one area, go for it. There are a plethora of writers out there in the industry that do that very thing. I find it more suitable to write for a wide variety of clients. When one niche category slows down in producing steady jobs, I have other options available that I can fall back on.

There are many strategies and opinions out there that may work for you. That is a decision that you will have to make and refine as you progress. I hope you found this topic useful. Please leave any comments or questions that you might have.

Enjoy your day.


Author: Gary Warren

Hello there folks. I am new to the writer education industry and just getting my feet wet. This blog represents my day to day knowledge gained throughout the process. I come from a military background in aviation maintenance and law enforcement. As with any career change I am finding it to be a bit challenging. I will keep the updates coming as I figure out the path to success which I am confident will come with time and patience.

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