Job Leads Getting Stale???

sunnyside2Hey there happy people. I hope your having a good weekend and making forward progress with your writing business. If you aren’t doing so well in the area, your job leads have probably gone stale.

What the hell does that mean? I’m glad you asked. It means that you have been pitching new clients and aren’t getting the results you had hoped for. Everyone goes through dry spells, myself included. What have you done to correct the problem is the next question you should be asking yourself.

There are a few options at your disposal to correct the situation.

  • Go back to your sent items in your email account. If you have your duck’s in a row, you have some sort of system in place to follow-up with your pitched client’s. If you haven’t done this, I suggest you do that immediately. Having an automatic way of following up with potential clients that don’t reply back, or reply back and then fizzle out can make a difference. This is not a paid advertisement but I have this embedded into all of my Gmail account’s and it has done wonders for me to keep communication with clients open and progressing. Try this email tracking and follow-up software called Streak.
  • Search for more clients to pitch .This can be done via your preferred job board or your contacts that you have worked for in the past. Chances are good that previous clients will be willing to provide you with more work if they have it available and if you have done good work for them in the past.
  • Reach out to other writers on social media sources and see if they will shed some light on where they find their job leads at. Some will provide this information and some won’t. If you aren’t comfortable asking for this information, open up a new time and search for job boards for freelancers, writers, bloggers, etc.

If you’re experiencing issues finding regular work, you will need to make changes in your approach to correct the outcome of your marketing and pitching efforts. If you do nothing, you’ll change nothing.

Good luck figuring out what changes you need to make and getting them implemented. If you have questions or comments feel free to leave those below and I will get you pointed in the right direction.

I’m late for a date with the coffee pot so I’ll catch up with you guys and gals a little later on.









Author: Gary Warren

Hello there folks. I am new to the writer education industry and just getting my feet wet. This blog represents my day to day knowledge gained throughout the process. I come from a military background in aviation maintenance and law enforcement. As with any career change I am finding it to be a bit challenging. I will keep the updates coming as I figure out the path to success which I am confident will come with time and patience.

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