Managing Expectations

Today’s topic happens to be one that you will need to get a grip on fairly quickly as you get started in the writing industry. Researching new writing leads; looking for dedicated clients, negotiating rate of pay, formulating a schedule and adhering to it, are just a few of the many problems that deter up and coming writers as they begin their careers.

If you don’t have strong organizational skills you will likely suffer even more. Managing your expectations will be critical in determining what success will look like for you starting out.

If you are looking to get rich over-night, I will just wish you the best of luck and await your resignation post of Facebook lol. While there are many wealthy writers in the world, most of them honed their craft for years prior hitting it big. Then again there are numerous authors out there that wrote a best-selling novel or movie script on their first attempt. The ratio of first submission millionaires and struggling authors is a wide-ranging set of numbers.

In my example, I had an extremely rough childhood and managed to write my autobiography while attending college full-time. I submitted it to a publisher and was accepted for publishing on the first submission. Unfortunately for me, I was extremely broke back in those days and couldn’t afford to spare any money for promoting it. I wasn’t on social media back then and barely even knew what Facebook was.

Needless to say, by the time I was in a position to be able to promote my book it had been released back to me for pursuing other publishing options as is typical for a book submission that doesn’t attain a minimal sales threshold.

This is my personal story of failed expectations. I had hoped that my book would sell an incredible amount of copies and be able to help many people overcome personal adversity in their live’s. I was eventually able to rise above that sense of dejection and failure.

I’m still writing and making money as you can see. Failure only truly exists when you accept it and surrender to it. As long as you strive to be your best you are still a success in my notion.

I hope you’ve found a source of inspiration in these few words of wisdom. Keep your head up and continue progressing toward whatever your definition of success happens to be.

Thanks for reading as always. Let me know what current goals are and what success means to you. Write your “REALISTIC” goals down and put them somewhere that you look at regularly. Having those goals written down on paper has always helped me keep tabs on what I was doing day-to-day to achieve them and can most likely help you as well.

Enjoy your day. Talk y’all later on.



Author: Gary Warren

Hello there folks. I am new to the writer education industry and just getting my feet wet. This blog represents my day to day knowledge gained throughout the process. I come from a military background in aviation maintenance and law enforcement. As with any career change I am finding it to be a bit challenging. I will keep the updates coming as I figure out the path to success which I am confident will come with time and patience.

2 thoughts on “Managing Expectations”

  1. That was a good one, Gary. I am still getting my feet wet in the ocean of writing – so my current goals are that I get some constructive feedback and hone my skills – hoping to be a swimmer in the near future and possibly a surfer later. 🙂


    1. Thanks, glad you liked it. Do a search for “poetry submissions’ online and see what sources you can find in that arena. Seems like you’re pretty good at writing poetry. It could be an avenue to get published that way. With any publishing outlet, it will rely heavily on your ability to promote your works once it is published. Unless of course, the publisher purchases the rights to the material. I usually prefer just selling the content and letting them deal with the promotion. Lot of options out there to pursue though.

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