Busy, Busy, Busy, Tech Issues


Hello there happy peoples. My apologies for being pretty desolate with posting lately. I love the technology that helps writers such as us make our livings without having to leave the home office.

I have finally gotten my technology back in working order. Work has been fairly steady but that might be changing here shortly. Holiday seasons often bring a reduction in new products. Unless you have product description and review writing positions that frequent your portfolio, you will likely notice a drastic dip in your available projects around this time of year.

Wondering what to do about that? I’m glad you asked. The solution is a fairly simple one. Get your organizational skills in action and make them work to your advantage. During slower times I always align new work projects and push out the dates of completion if needed. Using this approach will allow you to close a few more accounts than usual. It has for me anyway, and I’m sure it will for you as well.

I have a delay script written in my proposals that specifically mentions the delayed completion due to a holiday or possible road-block for productivity. Many editors will appreciate the fact that you are making a plan to get through a slow period and help the do the same.

Showing a potential client that you have their slow down season in mind and have a solution to help it be less of an issue will likely result in greater future lead resources.

Hope everyone is doing well and getting ready for a fast approaching turkey day.

Thanks for reading as always, hope to hear from you sometime. Toodles.


Author: Gary Warren

Hello there folks. I am new to the writer education industry and just getting my feet wet. This blog represents my day to day knowledge gained throughout the process. I come from a military background in aviation maintenance and law enforcement. As with any career change I am finding it to be a bit challenging. I will keep the updates coming as I figure out the path to success which I am confident will come with time and patience.

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