Writers don’t typically write for themselves. We write with the hopes of helping whomever reads our work to be able to face difficulties head-on and rise above them.

Some authors write to allow their reader’s to escape from their day-to-day lives and lose themselves in literary bliss.

Then there are some of us out here in the world that write to earn a living. Over the past nine years I have written on part-time basis. Recent health concerns have led me into pursuing a writing career full-time. The writing industry is a complex and often gut wrenching career field for the unprepared and misguided.

I started my writing business with the intentions of helping those that are new to writing for a living to have a road map to follow.

This isn’t a new process by any means. The difference here is that once you get to a particular spot in the process it becomes a process of getting away from giving free advice and then charging for the juicy stuff.

This is a place for writers of all skill levels to interact with one another and learn the industry from my own experiences. I’m not a best-selling author by any stretch of the imagination. I don’t have a cabin retreat on a world-famous skiing resort property. What I do have is a stubbornness and determination to succeed.

Have a look around and feel free to ask any questions you may have. If you have an interest in helping me to enlighten other writers feel free to use the contact tab above to get in touch with me. I would be happy to have your sponsor a post and link it back to your business blog. I also welcome interviews and opportunities to reach out to your reader’s as well. This can be a cut-throat industry and we all need to pool our resources to help others accomplish their dreams as well.

With that being said, all the advice in the world will not make you a successful writer. You will still need to have the personal drive and motivation to get out there and find work and make things happen for yourself. Personal growth and development should be a daily goal for any aspiring writer and business-person.

I will see you out in the comment threads. Thanks for visiting.

Ps: I have a thing for sunrises and sunsets. All the photo’s appearing throughout the site are my own work. If you like them, you are welcome to save them to your computer and use them however you see fit.



9 thoughts on “About”

    1. Thank you for the compliment and for the follow. I’m glad you found the site appealing and informative enough to decide to check it out and follow it. I hope you will leave comments and questions as they arise. I love interaction with my followers and always welcome feedback and helping others. Free free to share with your fellow aspiring writer so that they too can gain more knowledge and experience.

      Ps: Where did you hear about my blog from? I keep track of everything so I know where to focus my resources and efforts. And yes, I have a list that tells me where everyone finds my page links at lol. That is second nature for me. Thanks again.

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      1. Thanks for the time and your patience in answering. I joined the FB group recently – Freelance content writing jobs and came across your post talking about your blog and I followed it from there.


    1. Thanks. I’ve been away for a bit dealing with some health issues. Going to be back online quite a bit though. Hopefully this reply finds you doing well. Happy Holidays to you and yours.


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