The Journey Begins

This is the post excerpt.


Welcome to the beginning of my journey into figuring out the exciting and punishing world of content writing and publishing. This site will catalog my journey from day 1 and be a record of progress. The ongoing steps taken to achieve that next level of success will displayed here as a guide to help others follow the same path and achieve their personal and career goals.

There will be continuous steps taken to make sure that every aspect of the process is clear and concise so that others may gain an edge into the processes it takes to obtain success.  Thus far, the tasks are pretty basic. I have made it a point to begin researching as much about the industry as possible. Paying careful attention to the details will be a crucial first step.

The first thing I would like to suggest is to figure out what your skills are and how to best apply the knowledge you already possess. Going into something without knowing what your capabilities are will almost certainly hinder your chances of being successful. One of the best things about this line of work is the ability to start off without a great deal of money or even no money at all. If you can read this post you already have internet access and a computer. Whether it belongs to you or not the access is there and that is a critical piece to being a success.

I will call this the initial post and go back to researching and making some progress. I will be back shortly to further enlighten you on the process. As with learning anything new there will likely homework. So I want you to sit down with a notepad and write a list of skills that you possess that will serve you well as a writer. Nearly every site I have encountered asks you to list your skills in order to assist employers to find matching candidates to hire.

Having those skills already written down somewhere will save you a great deal of time and guesswork when the time comes.