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Welcome to my humble Internet dwelling. Hopefully this post finds you well.

If you’re on this page you have obviously enjoyed what you have seen and read thus far.

Here is a fun fact, we both have something in common. We care about your business. Shoot me some information about the writing requirements you are needing to arrange.

Whether you’re in search of technical writings for your newsletter, guest blog postings, guest blog interaction and management, or anything else you have in mind, Let’s get started and get those goals accomplished together.

Rates: Usual rates center around the provided word count. I happily offer reduced rates for repeat customers, which can be discussed when the situation presents the need. All payments will be made through PayPal unless otherwise stipulated. All assignments are scheduled based on the daily availability. No assignments will be submitted without a deposit equal to 25% of the agreed upon rate. This guarantees that my services will not be published elsewhere without payment being rendered. Ask me how I learned that lesson. If that is of concern to you please feel free to leave my page immediately. You don’t work for free, and I won’t do so either. It’s called “mutual respect”.

Here is a current breakdown of flat rates by word count for your convenience:

0-150 words = $25

150-250 words = $40

250-500 words = $55

500-750 words = $75

750-1000 words = $100

Any documents exceeding the 1000 word range will be negotiated on a case-by-case basis and will be agreed upon by both parties via email prior to work being initiated.

These are my policies. If you are ready to begin working together to accomplish our goals please contact me at the email address below and we can begin our business partnership. I look forward to, and thank you very much for you trusting me with your business needs.


Gary Warren – Owner/Lead-Writer/Editor


Specialty Niche Arenas I Regularly Contribute Too:

Personal Growth and Development: (The Sole Purpose of this Blog)

Motivational Improvement Specialist: Whether it be in business or just personal life, I have a wealth of experience in getting kicked in the head by life. I have dealt with suicidal family occurrences, my mother included, alcoholism, abuse of every kind, and yes I mean EVERY kind. There are always people that seem to always rise above their immediate circumstances and find a way to come out of the other end of the tunnel stronger and more determined. I am that person and can help you accomplish the very same productivity.

Guest Commentary Blogger: I have a wide array of interests and expertise here. I am capable of creating content in many areas based off of years of personal experience from my 8 years in the military, Living on the streets as a homeless veteran, Home-based business, Fishing and Hunting, Jewelry Making, and many others.

Mental Health Support Specialist: I’m not a licensed therapist or anything like that so put your attitude back in your desk drawer. I’ve  just been through a great deal of junk over the years and I have an obligation to help other people overcome and succeed from my personal loss that I turned into motivation for success and refusal to accept anything less than I deserve and desire from life. If you don’t have health insurance and have mental health concerns, what are your options? Exactly my point, everyone deserves to have that helping held and healing words of caring when they are at their lowest levels in life.

Hopefully your day continues to be a blessing and not a stressing (I made that up for grins). Talk to you soon.